• Why rent stroller, car-seat, baby-carrier and bed ?

Why rent stroller, car-seat, baby-carrier and bed ?

Renting baby equipment allows you to travel light.

By renting children equipment at the pick up place of your destination, you do not need to carry it and overload your car, or to carry it on board of the train or plane. This is the beginning of a comfortable journey !

Child car-seat rental avoids you to buy one for infrequent use. 

Grandparents or parents do not need to buy and store a car-seat, which is rarelyutilized. 

Renting a stroller will make that the baby will be sitting comfortably whereveryou go to (sea shore, mountain, country).

The stroller that is used daily is not always suitable for proper use at the mountain, seashore or in the forest. Childcare rental will provide a best-suited product adapted both to your child and the places you go to.

Baby equipment, rental offers more pleasure and comfort !

By choosing to save money, at the same time you are selecting more leisure for the whole family.

Car-seat, stroller, baby carrier, bed rental is a new consumer attitude !

By giving up a "consume and throw" attitude, you adopt a behavior that respects our environment sustainably.

Children equipment rental with Familib is paying less.In effect by booking online, you get the discounted INTERNET rate which is less than 30% of the rental price at the pick up location .

Renting baby equipment makes possible for you to discover and test a product before purchasing it.