• How to become a familib partner

Set up a collection point for your clients, free of charge.

A simple and easy service for your customers.

1 the client books the desired product on the familb.com website
2 the client picks up the product from the nearest Familib collection point    

The partnership collection point allows the clients to pick up their product whenever they need to.

We usually establish partnerships with hotels, leisure centers, babycare professionals, car rental businesses or sport equipment shops…

It’s simple and easy for our partners

The collection point has no financial investment involved and no entry fee.
Familib provides the collection point with all the necessary equipment, free of charge.
The equipment maintenance is taken care of by Familib.

partenaire familib

  • 1- What we offer...
    • The cost of individual transport is rising and public transports is developing fast, which means we  are trying to reduce the amount of luggage we carry around.

    • For families who use their own car, this service allows them to free space for other important things and can therefore be more autonomous.

    • Parents do not necessarily have the right equipment for certain places.

    • It avoids grandparents having to buy and stock equipment that they only use from time to time.

    • It is a way of testing a product before purchasing the latter.

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  • 2- Why become a Familib collection point ?
    • To optimize and develop your image.

    • To stand out.

    • To set up a whole new dynamic in your business without any investment.

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  • 3- Extra income for our partners
  • Based on your sales, the income allows the Familib collection points to :

    - Pay for the cost of equipment handling
    - Pay for the time spent with the clients
    - Generate an additional turnover.
    - Benefit from free advertising on our Familib website.

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  • 4- What are my obligations towards Familib ?
    • Becoming a Familib partner involvestaking the delivery of the pushchairs, stocking them and handing them over to the clients at the Familib prices.

    • Your business must be located near a catchment area and a tourist area, a railway station or next to a road and must be open 6 or 7 days out of 7.

    • The majority of our collection points are hotels, guest rooms, gites, car rental businesses, holiday homes or baby-care professional businesses.

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  • 5- I wish to contact Familib for further information.

    It’s easy, all you need to do is send an email to 

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