• Rental a stroller, car-seat and baby bed in Lille !

You can now rent a stroller, car-seat and baby bed from our Familib collection point which is located in the heart of Lille, 5 minutes away from the Gare de Lille Flandres railway station. 

Planet Mômes is a unique concept designed for children: 400m2 of play area for children from the age of 0 to 16 years old, plenty of light, loads of colors, loads of fun and the same warm feeling you get when you are at home! “Planete Mômes is one of the most unique concepts you will ever see!”

In the spacious hallway, you will be able to have a look in the second hand shop and then if you climb up the stairway, you will end up in the amazing world of secondhand toys! Downstairs you can eat in the restaurant where there is a bar and plenty of Lego to have loads of fun!

In the back room you will find a high range shoe shop. Planete Mômes also has a hair salon for children and a workshop area.

Why not have a quick look at the bookshop where you can buy cards, DIY kits and let your children read a book in our wooden hut !