• Who are we ?

qui sommes nous familib

According to an interview with Frank Bréant the founder of Familib.com

“At 41 years old, after many years of various professional experiences (Senior Executive in several important companies), I have always felt the need for independence. My desire to launch this business was brought on by my need to see more things and develop my own project, with my own ideas and beliefs. After a year of reflection, I managed to establish several partnerships which allowed me to begin this great adventure…”

How did you think of the concept ?

“Mostly, ideas pop in to your head whilst observing people (a lot!)and exchanging those ideas with others (all the time!) and the idea came from something very simple and a bit of common sense!

When my first child was born, a little girl, we had to buy all the mandatory equipment. The pushchair, of course, was essential! On the day I went to buy it I came out of the shop as happy as can be. The size issue just never crossed my mind: I just thought that in 2010, in the era of miniaturizSation, pushchairs were a lot less bulky but I was wrong !

I could hardly fit it in in the car! I tried taking it out of the cardboard box and putting it in the boot but the result was the same, the boot was nearly full and I had only managed to fit the pushchair in! That’s when I started thinking about parents who have several children, a small car or families who use public transport, I just couldn’t imagine how they managed !

That’s when I came up with the idea of hiring a pushchair….”